Tiny DIY - Mini Toolchest

Monday 4 March 2013


This remarkable miniature tool chest, complete with miniature tools, is made to 1/12 scale of a Hewitt chest and contains all the same tools you'd expect to find in one. Even the tiny little lock is functional! This tiny toolchest was crafted by William Robertson, a miniaturist. It took William over 1,000 hours to complete the project.

William has been building exquisite miniatures for over 30 years and lives in Kansas City. He has been instrumental in the design of several museum installations involving miniatures.

Bill's artistic talents go way beyond the construction of miniature rooms. Even as a small child, Bill built things including models of planes, trains, cars and ships. Today his work is recognised by museums, including the Smithsonian and the National Geographic Society in Washington, DC.

His talents and philosophy are probably best summed up in his own words: "For me the process starts with the study and research of the original object. It is important to understand the ways, tools and methods used by the original craftsman. When I reduce an object to a smaller scale I must be careful to maintain proper proportions while at the same time adding an artistic interpretation. At any point one slip can destroy hours of work. Even after 30 years I enjoy working in my studio which can at times be either peaceful or very challenging as I strive to make each new piece better in some way than anything I have done before."

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