Turners Retreat in Takeover

Wednesday 27 February 2013


Craft Supplies and Turners Retreat - two of the best known woodworking tool and equipment retailers in the UK have merged following a recent takeover.

The acquisition promises to bring two of the best known names in the business together to provide woodworkers and especially woodturners access to an even greater range of products under the one roof. "The plan is to keep both brand names alive and focus business into easily recognised categories and allow for expansion into other areas in future," says David Green, Manager of Turners Retreat.


The move follows the sale of the business by Nick Davidson who ran the Derbyshire based Craft Supplies for more than 35 years. Nick and wife Fran will be concentrating their efforts on their woodturning school in France which has enjoyed continued success in recent times.

Nick Davidson said: "We are delighted to know the business we took great pleasure in building up over a large part of our lives is going to be in safe hands. Turners Retreat is a very well respected operation with a great many satisfied customers. I am sure our many loyal supporters will be happy to continue their business with such a highly regarded retailer. We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to all our customers and the loyal staff that helped to build Craft Supplies into the business it is today. I would also like to wish everyone at Turners Retreat the very best of luck for the years ahead. I will continue to offer my assistance on new product to Turners Retreat, whilst at the same time promoting our residential woodturning and painting courses at our beautiful location in the French Pyrenees. We welcome any Craft Supplies and Turners Retreat customer to attend one of our holiday courses."

Craft Supplies was a forerunner in bringing woodturning to the general public and led the pack as the hobby made its mark in the 1970s and 80s.

Turners Retreat has reported continued success during the last couple of years with additions to its category offerings each year as well as the launch of its successful open house event in September.


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