Rockler To Carry The New Dowelmax Junior Jig

Tuesday 5 February 2013

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is proud to announce that it will be carrying the new Dowelmax Junior, a precision-machined Doweling Jig that allows users to create an incredible variety of woodworking joints with virtually no marking, zero measuring, and a perfect fit - every time.

What sets the Dowelmax Jr. apart from the scores of other doweling jigs on the market is its row of five precise, uniformly-spaced guide holes. Because the hole spacing is standardized, the user doesn't have to mark or measure to find where to drill. Simply flush up the jig with the end of the workpiece, choose which holes to use, drill, then repeat with the adjoining piece. No more joints that won't close because the holes were slightly misaligned; the Dowelmax virtually guarantees a perfect fit.

In addition to the F-clamp, the Dowelmax Jr. also includes a set of spacers for making offset joints, such as those on apron/table leg joints, and for centering the dowel holes on thicker stock. An optional 6mm drill guide package is also available for using the jig on stock as thin as 12mm.


Prices: The Dowelmax Junior - $99.99 (£63.52); Dowelmax 6mm Drill Guide Package - $49 (£31.13) (All products from USA to UK are subject to shipping & taxes

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