Exciting news from Turners Retreat

Wednesday 12 December 2012


Turners Retreat has for a number of years used the services of several North American suppliers. With the internet bringing us ever closer together, there has been an increasing wave of woodturners seeking goods from overseas. Turners Retreat is a regular importer of goods from a number of major companies in the USA, and is now pleased to announce that they are able to accommodate special orders for goods they do not ordinarily stock from a small number of select suppliers. You will be able to order goods that are normally stocked by Craft Supplies USA, Penn State Industries and Kallenshaan Woods. Turners Retreat will simply add your requirements to their next order with the relevant company. Delivery will be anything from a week to eight weeks depending on the timing of their order with the company. There will be certain goods they are unable to order, such as goods considered flammable, along with goods that are considered to be direct competition with their own goods. Turners Retreat welcome enquiries by email, and will reply with a price for each product along with an approximate delivery date for you to confirm the order.


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