Ashley Iles Fluted Parting Tool

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Ashley Iles have just introduced a brand new tapered-section fluted parting tool. The combination of the taper - which makes for minimal risk of the blade binding during cutting - and the flute profile makes for easy and much cleaner surfaces when parting off as the wing tips on the flute sever the fibres of the grain before the main bulk cutting occurs. It is also a great bead forming tool where you can create 5mmm diameter beads quickly and easily. The tool is used with the flute down on the toolrest in both of these cutting modes and is sharpened by honing - although grinding can be used too - the front sloping bevel. Do not hone inside the flute as this will change the flute form and thereby the bead form as a result.


Prices: Unhandled - £31.68; handled - £37.09

Contact: Ashley Iles

Tel: 01790 763 372