Bosch GLI PortaLED Professional

Friday 9 November 2012

The GLI PortaLED Professional from Bosch is unique because it is an 
L-Boxx and a jobsite light in one. The floodlight integrated into the lid has 60 powerful LEDs which are considerably more robust and shock-resistant than other light sources. The GLI PortaLED Professional can withstand a load weight of up to 100 kilograms. With three brightness settings (30%, 70% and 100%) and four adjustable angles it lights up the work area on the jobsite precisely as required.

The GLI PortaLED Professional weighs just 1.2kg more than a standard L-Boxx. Most Bosch 14.4/ 18 V-LI tools can be transported in the box, so the light is there when you need it. It means professional tradespeople do not have to transport a separate conventional jobsite light, which is often heavier.

As with all L-Boxxes, the GLI PortaLED Professional can be stacked using a click system. It can be powered by either a 14.4 or 18 volt lithium-ion battery. Using a fully charged 18 volt 3.0 Ah battery and the highest brightness setting, the floodlight lasts for about three hours. The integrated LEDs have a lifetime of 50,000 hours.


Prices: GLI PortaLED 102 (no batteries supplied) - £125; GLI PortaLED 136 (no batteries supplied) - £138; GLI PortaLED 238 (no batteries supplied) - £149 (prices inc VAT)

Contact: Bosch

Tel: 0844 736 0109