New Robert Sorby Products

Monday 8 October 2012

Aluminium handle

Woodturners the world over be delighted to hear that Robert Sorby's popular modular micro system is now supported by a new extended handle. The new 196mm anodised aluminium handle offers an extended knurled grip to allow for even greater leverage and increased comfort when turning larger objects or for longer periods of time.

As with the shorter 146mm version the new handle retains the two clamping screws which hold the available 16 blades and two attachments securely in place. Weighing in at 179g it is less than 50 grams heavier than the smaller model.

18 piece micro modular box set

Accompanying this is the new 18-piece modular micro box set. This revolutionary set carries all existing blades and attachments available for the most comprehensive micro system on the market today. The set also comes with additional texturing and spiralling cutters as well as a selection of various abrasive discs for the Sandmaster finishing tool.

Jaw and Collet Tool

In its standard turning tools range Robert Sorby has launched two new tools. For turners who want to cut the perfect dovetail on a tenon or in a recess when mounting a timber blank, the Jaw and Collet Tool offers the perfect option. This tool helps keep the turner safe by matching up the dovetail taper and providing maximum support by gripping the surface areas of the dovetail collet.

CrushGrind Tool

For the woodturner who enjoys turning salt and pepper grinders the CrushGrind Tool delivers excellent results. This tool takes the guesswork out of the equation when turning salt/pepper grinder mechanisms. It is designed to cut the two recesses in exactly the correct position. The unique depth gauge ensures groves are the correct size and shape but also in the correct position.

Woodworker's square guide

For the popular ProEdge sharpening machine there's a new woodworker's square guide. Although not a woodturning jig this accessory has been designed as an upgrade to the current woodworking chisel jig. The new jig can be adjusted to ensure exact and repeatable 90 degree angles can be achieved every time. It also offers a stepped plate that raises the tool to be sharpened away from the tool platform. Ideal for sharpening chisels and plane irons.


Prices: Aluminium handle - £19.14; 18-piece micro modular box set - £282; Jaw and Collet Tool - £37.38; CrushGrind Tool -£27.60; Woodworker's square guide - £16.50 (prices inc VAT)

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