New Chainsaw Qualifications now Eligible for Funding

Monday 8 October 2012

A recent announcement from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) is good news for those looking to gain entry to the trees and timber industry. Funding is now available for all of Lantra's new Forestry and Arboriculture qualifications - of which there are 17 in total.

Lesley Barr, Lantra's Head of Product Development, explains: "We are delighted to announce that funding is now available for these new qualifications. This should help more people to access the most up to date qualifications covering the latest techniques and best practice in the trees and timber sector."

The following funding categories have been accepted:

1. 16-18 Learner Response (LR)

2. Adult Learner Response (AL)

3. Employer Responsive (ER other)

4. 16-18 Learner Response School Sixth Form (16-18 LR SSF)

The new funding is available to anyone who is registered as a training organisation with the SFA. For more guidance on this and the criteria for registering with the SFA visit the website.

Anyone interested in accessing the funding information in England and Northern Ireland should visit the Learning Aim Reference Application (LARA), which holds data on funded qualifications recognised by the Education Funding Agency and the Skills Funding Agency. Just click here.

In Wales the new qualifications have been approved by the Minister for Children, Education and Lifelong Learning as eligible for funding by a Local Education Authority or by the Welsh Government. This funding is for the education provider, not the learner. More information is available on the Database of Approved Qualifications in Wales (DAQW) - just click here here.

For more information on the forestry and arboriculture courses or to locate a training centre, see details below.


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