Metal spinning - the next step in your turning experience

Tuesday 23 October 2012

Easy to make on your wood lathe, Metal Spinning Workshop brings this art form to the woodturner to expand their craft. This fun and age-old art form is now available to the woodturner with a wood lathe of any size.

Metal spinning is the process of spinning a metal disc around a formed wood mandrel to produce a finished product that matches the shape of the wood mandrel. Similar to a potter forming clay on a wheel, the spinner rotates a metal disc on a lathe and, applying pressure, shapes it to a new form. The result can be used in an infinite number of products from aerospace parts to beautiful works of art. Since the creation of mass produced products, metal spinning has become a vanishing craft.

The Metal Spinning Workshop make it easy to get started with everything you need to spin stunning metal projects on a woodturning lathe with their line of metal spinning workshop DVDs, tools and products. Projects you can make include bowls, bells, candlesticks, pots, vases, lamps and much more.

This line of metal spinning DVDs, tools and products will get you up and running quickly. See the website for further details.


Prices: DVDs - from £24.99; Tools - from £50

Contact: Metal Spinning Workshop

Tel: 01422 315 685