Kreg Klamp Table

Thursday 25 October 2012

Kreg's Klamp Table is the ultimate 'helping hand' around the workshop, providing complete control of every project. If you've struggled to achieve perfectly flush joints, or failed to position clamps exactly where you need them, then it's exactly what you need. Made from glue-resistant melamine, the large work surface is ideal for sanding, sawing, drilling, routing, joining, and many other woodworking tasks. The Klamp Trak allows you to position the Klamp and Klamp Blocks anywhere along the table's edge, and quickly remove them to regain a flat work surface. Made from impact-resistant plastic, Klamp Blocks can be positioned anywhere along the Klamp Trak for quick registration of stock to the edge of the work space, bringing the project into alignment. The Klamp Table slides across the Klamp Trak, rotates 360°, and locks into place wherever needed.


Price: £232.50

Contact: Kreg