Robert Sorby TurnMaster

Friday 14 September 2012

Premier woodturning tool manufacturer Robert Sorby has released another global first. The TurnMaster is the first tool on the market to offer three cutting edge materials. Now woodturners can choose between tungsten carbide, titanium nitride (TiN) and high speed steel (HSS) cutters; available for one easy to manage tool.

The TurnMaster is the result of more than 12 months' research and development, asking questions of woodturners and gathering the opinions of Robert Sorby customers the world over.

The upshot is a tool with a mission that combines Robert Sorby's idea of educational aspirations for new and more experienced woodturners everywhere.

It offers a quick and effortlessly easy approach to creating simple projects by employing tungsten carbon cutting technology as well as Robert Sorby's existing featured cutting edge materials - titanium nitride and high speed steel.

Depending on experience and the project undertook the Robert Sorby TurnMaster allows turners the freedom of not having to sharpen their tools should they opt for the three throwaway carbide tips. These cutters (round, square and detailed point) are available in high speed steel and titanium nitride too. An additional four more cutters (French curve, mushroom, teardrop and dovetail) are available in TiN and HSS offering even greater choice and flexibility.

The TurnMaster also offers a unique indexable head that allows for a variety of cutting angles. This patent protected head provides three lock tight positions allowing for shear scraping and scraping actions. These presets allow the tool to cut through the timber fibres incurring less grain resistance than the simple flat scraping action. This allows for an improved finish and less need for the sanding.

Cutters are easily changed using the high tensile torx screw and key system. The system can be tightened or loosened further using the Tommy bar provided and ensures the tool can be easily adjusted.

Another of the tool's great assets is the availability of separate cutter heads. These offer even quicker inter-changeability possibilities and offer a cost effective method for having preset cutters prepared and ready for immediate use.

Giving customers the choice demanded in today's marketplace and educating turners on what to expect from these very different materials is part of the Robert Sorby vision for woodturners. With the TurnMaster, Robert Sorby is confident it has achieved this with one tool.

Our research indicates that many turners, especially those new to the art, are keen to avoid sharpening their tools. Tungsten carbide cutters allow for this and in many respects offer a universal solution. However our experience shows that nothing beats sharp tools. Carbide while offering fantastic longevity will not sharpen to the same degree as titanium nitride and the razor-like capabilities offered by high speed steel.

TurnMaster aims to educate while at the same time offering a simple solution to begin with. TurnMaster therefore lives up to its name.

Robert Sorby product manager, Clive Brooks explains: "We started by wanting to offer a tool that supports our vision for educating woodturners. It had to be flexible and it had to offer quick and easily achievable results. It also had to enlighten turners to the various materials available and what can be expected from them. We felt it our duty to help educate through the development of a tool that both introduces novices while at the same time providing a quick and simple solution for achieving many projects. Following a year of research and analysis, speaking to turners old and new the TurnMaster was born."


Price: TurnMaster with tungsten carbide cutter:- £75; TurnMaster with three HSS cutters - £84; TurnMaster head only - £18; Cutters from £8-70 - £12 each (inc VAT)

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Tel: 0114 225 0700