Record Power DVR-XP Remote Control

Monday 9 July 2012

The new and much anticipated 55518 Wireless Remote for the Record Power DVR-XP lathe is now available. This handy remote control fits any 'remote ready' DVR-XP. For older machines - pre August 2011 - there is an upgrade kit, the 55519 Wireless Retro Fit Kit, which once installed gives older machines full WiFi capacity. The remote gives control of the DVR-XP up to 7m away from the headstock, making it invaluable when carrying out long spindle work or when large platters obscure the headstock controls. In addition to turning the machine on and off, the speed can also be controlled, making this an indispensable addition to the lathe.

The remote can be worn on the wrist in the same manner as a watch or if preferred, can be detached from the wrist strap and placed on the lathe using the magnetic back.


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