New Distributor for Abranet

Wednesday 25 July 2012

BriMarc Tools & Machinery is now a distributor of the Mirka range of abrasives. One of Mirka's most popular brands is Abranet, a unique abrasive material offering dust free sanding with no clogging.

Abranet's Velcro-backed, open mesh design features thousands of tiny holes which will make sure that when used with suitable extraction the passage of dust will be incredibly efficient. Because Abranet® abrasive keeps the surface you are sanding dust free, the result is a very uniform scratch pattern leaving an ultra-smooth finish. It is incredibly durable and will last twice as long as many conventional abrasives making it very cost effective.

Abranet comes as discs, sheets and on a roll, and is suitable for a wide range of uses including the decorating, woodworking and automotive industries. It comes in various sizes to suit just about every machine.


Price: From £4.24 (inc VAT)

Contact: BriMarc Tools & Machinery

Tel: 0333 240 69 67