South Staffordshire College and Araldite Forming Powerful Bond

Tuesday 19 June 2012

Araldite, arguably the world's favourite brand of adhesive, has agreed a business association with South Staffordshire College which will engage students from engineering and media courses in programmes that add to their 'employability'.

The brand has recently re-launched in the UK and is still fondly remembered by consumers, for its 'car stuck to a poster site' campaign of the early 1980s. Now it is tomorrow's consumers that the company is keen to engage with and South Staffordshire College's commitment to provide all its learners with a 'work-ready' ethos has proven decisive in its choice of partner.

This year's two joint projects will enable students from very different disciplines to take part in projects that will require application, hard work, entrepreneurship, inspiration and timeliness in equal measure.

Engineering students from the College's Rodbaston and Tamworth Campuses will be using Araldite adhesives in the design and build of a unique, free running unpowered vehicle aiming to be included in the Skills Show at the NEC in November 2012. An engineering student of the year will be nominated by the College and this will also be supported by Araldite.

Students from South Staffordshire College's Lichfield Campus will be working on an equally challenging task. Their Level 3 media students will be asked to devise and pitch a viral video which showcases the properties of Araldite® adhesives to consumers.

Following a Dragons-Den style interrogation with representatives of South Staffordshire College, Araldite and creative agency Tregartha Dinnie, the preferred concept will then be taken to production against a tight deadline.

Since the first batch of Epoxy resins were produced in Duxford, near Cambridge, in 1950 the Araldite brand has become well established in homes across the UK as a reliable solution for making and repairing household and other items. Araldite adhesives were also used to bond the fuselage of Donald Campbell's Bluebird before he broke the World Land Speed Record and to create the dome at the top of Torre Agbar in Barcelona.


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