Kreg Jig Master System

Thursday 21 June 2012

From the solid clamp, large clamping recess and dust collection attachment, to the removable three-hole drill guide and endless adjustability - the Kreg Jig Master System truly has it all. Made from heavy-duty glass-reinforced nylon, the jig offers resiliency and flexibility without sacrificing strength and durability, and using Kreg's multi-purpose Face Clamps or any other common clamp or C-clamp, the large clamping recess means it's a breeze to secure the jig to the workbench.

The three-hole drill guide allows the drilling of perfectly positioned pocket-holes in a variety of material widths and thicknesses, from 12mm (1/2in) to 38mm (1 1/2in) in 3mm (1/8in) increments. Each drill guide features a hardened steel core which supports the bit completely during drilling, resulting in reduced tear-out and a clean, precise Pocket-Hole. And you can repeat the same pocket hole over and over again with the material support stop, which can be set at any distance from the jig. Each drill guide hole includes a dust extraction hole, which is designed to keep the drill bit clear of dust and wood chips, so you can drill a perfect Pocket-Hole at the first attempt whilst reducing drill torque and increasing the longevity of the drill bit.


Price: Kit includes the Kreg Jig Master System, Face Clamp, Portable Base, Drill Guide Spacer, Material Support Stop, Dust Collection Attachment, 10m (3/8in) Stepped Drill Bit, 150mm (6in) Square Driver, 75mm (3in) Square Driver, Starter Screw Set, Starter Plug Set, Quick-Start Guide, and SkillBuilder DVD, all supplied in a durable carrying case - £114 (inc VAT)

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