Rotary Chisel

Tuesday 29 May 2012

Available from Woodworks Craft Supplies is the high speed Rotary Chisel for use in all types of rotary power tools. This is a carbide cutting tool designed to remove material at record speed and is precisely shaped to cut fast, cool and clean on wood, stone and metal as well as many other materials. The Rotary Chisel cuts cleaner and faster than any other currently available and is suitable for use on the hardest woods, marble, limestone, alabaster, bronze, aluminium, and even stainless steel. Because of the Rotary Chisel's unique, triangular shape, it allows you full view of the cut and allows for rapid heat dissipation, thereby extending the life of the tool, and since each cutter head is manufactured from solid carbide, the self-cleaning edge will remain sharp far longer than conventional carving tools. The product is available in five sizes; see website for more details.


Price: £21

Contact: Woodworks Craft Supplies

Tel: 01633 400 847