Morgan Sports Cars use Makita Tools

Tuesday 8 May 2012

Since 1910 the iconic Morgan sports car has been carefully assembled by the skilled staff at the factory in Malvern Link, Worcestershire. Production today is being increased annually to meet the ever expanding global demand and the newly introduced 3-wheeler model is again stretching factory capacity. All models are effectively hand-assembled but today the Morgan factory also has the assistance of Makita power tools to assemble these magnificent vehicles.

Makita tools are the first choice for Morgan and now a new partnership has been established where the Makita brand values are being reflected at the Morgan facility to the many hundreds of enthusiasts who travel to the Worcestershire premises each year to see the attention to traditional detail that is maintained at the factory. Whilst the new 3-wheeler carries exquisite design icons from the machine that founded the company more than 100 years ago, it features a low emission twin cylinder engine, toothed belt rather than chain rear drive system, road hugging suspension but still the open-air driving experience for which the forward order book is full for two years ahead.

To assist with production expansion aims and to enhance production standards Makita tools are now used exclusively in the 3-wheelers production zone. Operations director, Steve Morris, flags up the strategy. "Morgan will always use the hand-assembled principle for our vehicles but by choosing Makita tools, especially the high-tech production tools with torque shut-off, we are moving assembly up a gear all the time. Makita has been the chosen brand of our craftsmen and women for many years and now with this formal partnership we have recognised the first class tools and the first class back-up service we receive from Makita to help us grow the production volumes."

To mark this partnership Makita branding will be evident throughout the Malvern facility including the popular museum where the history of the Morgan brand is interestingly displayed. Makita products will also be featured on the Morgan website and the reciprocal nature of this partnership will enable Makita dealers and customers to visit the Morgan factory to see the tools in action. Morgan vehicles will be included in Makita trade displays across the UK.

The Makita tools specified for the Morgan 3-wheeler workshop includes the BFL200FZ and BFL400FZ 18volt torque shut off production angle screwdrivers. These tools have anti-tamper torque setting adjustment and visual and audible warning of correct/incorrect fastening and auto stop facility.


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