Liogier Rasps and Rifflers

Thursday 31 May 2012

Liogier has made high quality hand-stitched rasps in the Auvergne region of France for almost a century, and has been the largest producer in Europe for many decades. They were recently awarded the elite status of 'Ambassador of French Excellence' by the French government, joining such names as Loius Vuitton and Chanel.

Hand-stitched rasps differ greatly from machine-made ones. They provide much faster stock removal under excellent control and with a surprisingly good finish due to the ultra-sharp random teeth, which extend right to the edges and points.

The Liogier range is the most extensive available and includes many rasps and rifflers for specialist applications, along with a comprehensive range for more general use.

Every rasp is made to order in the Liogier workshop, and is produced for you left or right handed at no extra cost. For general use the Traditional range is a 'lifetime' tool, but for professionals working very hard woods every day, the exclusive Sapphire range is even harder, measuring an astounding 3800 Vickers - a typical wood chisel will be about 800 Vickers, 62 Rc).

Noel Liogier is the only maker of rasps in Europe who also produces for surgical applications. Some of the techniques and methods used in production were developed for surgical applications first - every rasp or riffler is made by hand with surgical precision. Liogier only sells direct in the UK, and you may need to wait a couple of weeks for your rasp to be made, but the wait is worth it for the quality and value you get. Once you try one you'll be converted for life; these tools are far more versatile and everyday-useful than many of us realise.


Prices: Rasps from £50; rifflers from £40

Contact: Liogier