Fred Baier Interns

Wednesday 9 May 2012

The Quenington Sculpture Trust, Gordon Russell Scholarship Fund and Richard Paice have generously offered funding for an art and design graduate to spend 9 months in Fred Baier's studio as an intern. This will involve 6 months of work experience, enabling the successful applicant to understand the workings of the studio and develop ideas with Fred Baier as their mentor, while surreptitiously stealing his address book. Following the initial 6 months period there will be 3 months to finalise and build work which will be showcased at the next Fresh Air sculpture show in Quennington in the summer of 2013.


Applicants should be keen to pursue a career in the design and manufacture of contemporary furniture and have already spent time studying design and or object creation. They will be expected to document the experience through photographs, a diary of some sort and a summing up piece of writing. This opportunity should be considered as either an education finishing process, or a change of gear from previous employment or career path to a committed future of producing furniture related objects for the 21st century.

Fred Baier's philosophy

Fred Baier's world is a lifestyle not merely a business. It’s important that everyone who gets involved feels the feel good factor and gets on the good foot. They should understand that one makes enough time to get things right. Fred always encourages his employees to join in his quest to explore and contribute their thoughts while they gain expertise in developing ideas, designing and manufacturing. All this is to enhance their experience of studio practice and help with establishing their own practices.

Tim Wells, Gareth Neal, Rachel Hutchison Mike Wainwright and other past studio assistants have gone on to pursue independently successful careers in contemporary furniture as, we hope, will the successful applicant for this post. Fred was also tutor to the likes of Konstantine Grici, Michael Marriott, Tom Heatherwick, Luke Pearson and Tomoko Azumi.

Terms and conditions

The internship will be funded by an overall budget of £10,000 which will be paid to the successful applicant in stages to be agreed. It is expected that in the final 3 month period £2,000 of the award will be paid to Fred to cover rent and workshop overheads.

Interns will be responsible for their own tax affairs and rent for accommodation locally, if they live outside sensible commuting distance. Some help in looking for a place to stay will be given.

Fred Baier Associates hours of work will normally be 10am to 6pm, Monday to Friday although the intern will have their own key and round the clock access. The appointed intern will be expected to sign a letter of understanding covering the broad conditions of the internship and key health and safety at work issues.

How to apply

Set up a Flickr account and upload images from your portfolio including descriptions. Send Fred the link together with a cv, a written background to your journey so far and no more than 500 words expressing your interest including how and why you should get the gig. Applications to (subject: Internship Application) Must be in by July 4th 2012. Through this submission and a skype interview, a short list of people will be drawn up and invited to come to the studio prior to final selection.


Contact: fred Baier