International Woodcarver of the Year

Wednesday 11 April 2012

Even though we have only just announced our 2011 winner, it's time to start thinking about what to carve for 2012's competition! In a bid to encourage more entrants, this year's competition will be online. Entries can be submitted via the dedicated website.

How to enter - online only

You will be able to find more information regarding entry at on the IWCOTY website where you will find detailed instructions on how to enter, including how to prepare and upload your images.

More categories; more prizes!

This year the online-only competition will be bigger and better, reaching more carvers than ever before. We will be introducing bigger prizes and more opportunities to win, with special awards presented for the best use of carving techniques, as well as prizes for the best carvings per category, and an overall prize for Woodcarver of the Year.


1. Categories include: In the Round, Relief, Birds & Animals, and Caricature & Whimsy.

Sub-categories include:

1. Best use of Hand Carving

2. Best use of Power Carving

3. Best use of Knife Carving

4. Best use of Pyrography

5. Best use of Colour


The winners of each category will go forward for the final selection of the prestigious overall title of 'Woodcarver of the Year'. There is a fantastic £2, 750 worth of prizes up for grabs from some of the leading names in woodcarving. The competition will be judged by leading figures in the woodcarving world. The stakes are higher than ever, and in September 2012, someone will be crowned Woodcarver of the Year.

Could it be you?

Useful dates:

The competition went live on 23 January, so you can begin to submit entries now. The deadline for entries is 3 September 2012. Any entries received after this date will not be considered.

This year's categories:


Sponsored by Classic Hand Tools

The coveted title of Woodcarver of the Year 2012 will be awarded to the carver which the judges feel has submitted the best carving overall, regardless of the category.

PRIZE: Value £500


Sponsored by Wivamac

This category is for those who like to carve their subject matter to show all sides of the carving - in other words, three dimensional sculptural carving

PRIZE: Value £250


Sponsored by Two Cherries

Here, the subject matter is carved projecting from a flat background. It can be low relief where the background appears shallow in comparison to the size of the carving; or high relief where the background is deep and the carving appears almost three-dimensional

PRIZE: Value £250


Sponsored by Woodworks Craft Supplies

This category is aimed specifically at the wildlife carvers of birds and animals. Carvings can be in the round, relief, painted, pyrographed, or left with a tooled finish

PRIZE: Value £250


Sponsored by Wood Cavers Supply inc

This category is designed for carvings full of humour and expression. Taking the form of animals, humans or mythical entities these carvings will capture the exaggerated or unusual personality of their subject

PRIZE: Value £250

To enter the competition, just click here