Saxton 13-Blade Case Set

Thursday 8 March 2012

This 13-blade case set from Saxton not only includes VAT and postage in the listed price but all its high quality blades are compatible with both the Bosch Multitool and the Fein Multimaster.

The set comprises of: 1 x 35mm Wood blade, 1x 35mm Coarse Cut blade, 1 x 35mm Bi-metal blade, 1 x 65mm Wood blade, 1x 30mm Wood blade, 1x 20mm Wood blade, 1 x 10mm Wood blade, 1 x 63mm Carbide blade, 1 x 76mm Carbide Rasp, 1 x 90mm Segmented blade, 1 x 80mm Circular Saw blade, 1 x 50 Rigid Scraper blade and a 1 x 50mm Flexible Scraper blade.


Price: £49.79

Contact: Saxton Blades

Tel: 01243 855 562