Makita introduce three new woodworking tools

Friday 2 March 2012

New class leading table-mitre with 52mm cut

Makita introduces the new LH1200FL table-mitre saw with 305mm diameter blade. This provides the table saw with 52mm depth of cut and the mitre saw capable of bevel angles to 45° to the left and mitre angles to 45° to the left and to 52° to the right.

Powered by a 1,650 watt motor that will run up to 4,000rpm, the new LH1200FL has a wealth of features including a rigid cast aluminium table for premium accuracy; TCT saw blade, table guide rule, set plate, triangular rule, laser guide and a four LED job lights. Weighing just 19.5kg, allowing easy transport to site, the new Makita LH1200FL has a full complement of safety features including “soft-start†initial motor run-up mode, anti-restart switch, requiring the operator to reset the machine should it automatically be switched off in operation and electric blade brake which slows blade movement immediately the power is cut.

Supplied with push stick, blade-cover and dust bag, which can be used in either table saw or mitre saw modes the new Makita LH1200FL table mitre saw has twin ports for connection to dust extraction vacuum and is available in 240v or 110v modes.

New slim-line biscuit jointer

Makita’s new PJ7000 biscuit jointer features the slim-line easy-to-grip motor housing from the very popular GA angle grinder machines. By reducing the body diameter, accurate control of this tool is enhanced, stability improved in operation and overall tool weight reduced to just 2.5kg.

The new Makita PJ7000 biscuit jointer is powered by a 700 watt motor that will run the 100mm diameter blade up to 11,000rpm. The 4mm thick blade with six cutting teeth will cut up to 22mm deep and is controlled by a tumble switch on the body side. This machine has six pre-set cutting depths, and an easily adjustable angle frame with positive stops at 0°, 45° and 90°. With the machine disconnected from the 110v or 240v mains supply, the drive shaft can be locked for easy blade changes. The blade cover can be quickly opened by the finger grip clays screws.

The PJ7000 biscuit jointer comes with a useful dust bag but the rotatable connector makes for easy connection to a dust extractor vacuum. This robust and accurate tool is ideal for all cabinet joinery tasks.

First combination router-trimmer

The new Makita RT0700C is the first combination router-trimmer in the Makita range and has been introduced to meet the tradesman's requirement for a machine that will handle core routing tasks such as apertures in worktops and edge trimming of all sheet and panel materials. By offering one rugged 710watt motor drive assembly and three alternative trimming, tilt and plunge bases, a multi-task tool has been perfected.

The 710W motor will provide a shaft speed from 10,000 up to 30,000rpm with a variable speed control dial at the top of the motor body with the convenient on/off rocker switch also on the motor housing. The RT0700C features the Makita soft-start system which allows the motor to spin up to operating revolutions without the torque loading. The flat top of the motor housing aids machine control for accuracy and enables the tool to be balanced safely for bit changing where the shaft lock is also an essential element. Both 6mm (1/4in) and 8mm (3/8in) collets can be used.

The plunge base provides up to 35mm of plunge whilst the trimmer base can plunge up to 40mm. The aluminium body-housing limits the tool weight to just 1.8kg and provides high durability and premium accuracy for this versatile combination router/trimmer.


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