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Wednesday 21 March 2012

One of Michael's students has analysed all the main furniture making and restoration processes and has published a unified list on Michael's website of subjects taught at the Huntley School of Woodworking. Subject to certain prerequisites, students can choose the subjects they want to cover and the dates of their course.

This means that dates and content are flexible. There is a maximum of two students and those interested can visit on a Saturday afternoon, as the Koubou Workshop has Open Days on the 2nd Saturday of most months. (Koubou is the Japanese word for workshop.)

The next Open Days are 12 May and 9 June when Michael is available to answer any questions and also to talk about his Japanese Tool Study Group and Nagatsu-san's handmade Japanese saws that can be re-sharpened. Michael also has stocks of Japanese files (yasuri) for saws. (Nagatsu-san gave a master-class in Japanese saw sharpening here in the UK last Summer.)

Students of all abilities are welcome at the Huntley School of Woodworking; see below for further details.


Open Days: 12 May and 9 June

Contact: Michael Huntley

Tel: 01373 859 977