World first for Micro turning

Friday 3 February 2012

Woodturners who enjoy micro turning will be pleased to know Robert Sorby has released the first full miniature woodturning set – perfect for pens, scale models and all small woodturning projects.

The 12 bladed system which forms part of Robert Sorby's popular micro modular handled series features a selection of all the key tools turners will need in pursuit of miniature perfection.

The resourceful series incorporates tools featured in Robert Sorby's pen set, hollowing set and micro spindle set plus a variety of versatile tools to hone the woodturner's skills.

The set consists of a 12mm (1/2in) spindle roughing gouge, 1.5mm (1/16in) parting tool, 12mm (1/2in) gouge, 4mm (5/32in) beading and parting tool, a micro boring tool, a swan neck hollowing tool, 6mm (1/4in) skew chisel, a round-nosed scraper, an undercut scraper, a French curve scraper, a diamond undercut scraper and a 6mm (1/4in) spindle gouge.

For those that want to take their tools to clubs and chapter meetings a 13 pocket leather tool is also available adding the versatility of an additional pocket.

The release of Robert Sorby's modular micro turning set coincides with the launch of the latest handle and adapted collet system for its larger stable mate the Sovereign system: the new collet now allowing tanged tools to fit the most versatile handle system available.

Features and Benefits:

1. Full micro set of 12 tools for all miniature woodturning projects

2. Only miniature quick release handled system available

3. Cost effective system - incorporating micro hollowing, micro spindle and pen turning sets

4. Easily upgradable to include micro spiralling and decorating tools as well as the micro Sandmaster finishing set

5. Finest quality HSS

6. Backed by Robert Sorby guarantee


Prices: Modular Micro Turning Set (888HS12) - £129.60;

Leather Tool Roll (888TROLL) - £34.20 (prices inc VAT)

Contact: Robert Sorby

Tel: 0114 225 0700