Maker of the Week - Mike Hayduk

Tuesday 28 February 2012

Mike and Gill Hayduk are makers and designers of decorative puzzles. They make their designs in wood which are both decorative and amusing.

Mike has been working with wood on a full-time basis since 1987. Initially, he made house signs, but following a request from his children for a jigsaw puzzle, he became intrigued by the ability of wood to take on a different form when cut into small pieces. At the time, he was also growing more interested in woodturning and the idea of producing puzzles set in turned wooden bowls occurred to him. "The initial designs I produced proved very popular locally and by 1989 I was producing puzzles exclusively. It was at this time that Gill became involved by taking over all the finishing, a job which she has been doing ever since", he says.

These unique puzzles are held within a bowl or tray and are designed for both play and display. Each puzzle is produced by the combined work of both Mike and Gill to a high standard of workmanship. A variety of woods are used allowing their natural colours to produce contrast. A range of designs, from the simple 'Heart' to the intricate can be seen here.




Images, from top to bottom:

1. 'Fishbowl' - pure circle of fish in sycamore, cherry and tuliptree, set in an oak bowl approx. 150mm (6in) dia.

2. 'Tea & Biscuits' - a single layered puzzle true to scale in a variety of hardwoods

3. 'Cats' - hidden in this design are three cats in walnut and sycamore set in a self standing bowl in iroko. Approximately 100mm (4in) dia.

4. 'Hedgehogs in Holly' - shaped leaves in iroko and tuliptree conceal lacewood hedgehogs. Bowl and stand in ash, approx. 150mm (6in) dia.

5. 'Time Slipping Away' a tribute to Dali. Clockface in sycamore and ebony, tray in sapele. Dimensions approximately 170mm (6 3/4in) x 100mm (4in)

6. 'Great Spotted Woodpecker' - a life sized representation of the woodpecker in a variety of harwoods. Bowl and stand in sapele. Approximately 330mm (13in) dia. (PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF GILL & MIKE HAYDUK)