Maker of the Week - Laura Peery

Monday 9 January 2012

Laura's work is all hand built from porcelain clay. She uses canvas and other fabrics impressed into the clay to give the look of a soft leather object. Laura likes to make things that have an aged look to them, a nostalgic feel. "I layer ceramic colours over each other and combine materials to give the effect of something that has evolved over time, that has taken on some wear and tear and yet is still here," she says. Each piece has a story to tell, but Laura lets the viewer decide the full story for him or herself.

According to Laura, her grandmother had a dress shop in New Orleans: “My favourite things there were the fabrics, snaps, pins and other tools used for alterations. Later when I learned to make my own clothes I came to appreciate the beauty of a well-tailored garment. Once I discovered clay I noticed it could be made to resemble fabric, eventually choosing to work in porcelain because it is a fine, delicate clay that accepts texture especially well.†Laura creates each piece as if it is made from a dressmaker’s pattern, using thin slabs impressed with heavy fabrics; she works to keep a sense of the clay's original softness.

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Images, from top to bottom:

1. 'Good Night Tea,' porcelain, mixed media, 305 x 125mm (12 x 5in) dia.

2. 'Blooming,' porcelain and polymer clay, 200 x 150 x 100mm (8 x 6 x 4in)

3. 'Care and Keeping,' porcelain, vintage buttons and clothespins, 190 x 100 x 100mm (7 1/2 x 4 x 4in)

4. 'If you Become A Mountain Climber,' porcelain, polymer and metal, 280 x 140mm (11 x 5 1/2in) dia.

5. 'Your What Not,' porcelain, 255 x 180 x 150mm (10 x 7 x 6in) (PHOTOGRAPHS COURTESY OF LAURA PEERY)