Maker of the Week - A Montage

Wednesday 11 January 2012

Images, from top to bottom:

1. Dennis Elliott - wall sculpture, bigleaf maple burl, turned, carved and burned, 785mm (31in) high, 1015mm (40in) wide x 75mm (3in) deep. This piece is currently in an exhibition entitled - The Fine Art of Wood: An International Exhibition of Woodturning' (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF DENNIS ELLIOTT)

2. Earl Kelly - 'Victoria', bees wing eucalyptus with cast aluminum legs. The desk was designed around the legs using a wood that complemented the aluminum and helped to create a campaign/safari look. 1,829mm (72in) wide x 760mm (30in) deep x 760mm (30in) tall (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF EARL KELLY)

3. Eric Seritella - 'Paper Birch Basket', hand carved ceramic/stoneware, 125mm (5in) high x 355mm (14in) wide x 125mm (5in) dia., 2010 (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF ERIC SERITELLA)

4. Gerri McMillin - 'Paradise,' albacore fishbone, multi orange-blue outside, blue inside monofilament, glass beads, 115 (4 1/2in) high x 150mm (6in) dia. (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF GERRI MCMILLIN)

5. Guy Michaels - salmon lidded vase, salmon Utah alabaster with walnut and ebony woods, 180mm (7in) dia. x 230mm (9in) high (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF GUY MICHAELS)

6. Jennifer Falck Linssen - 'Kernel', Katagami-style handcarved paper vessel with stitching and hand drawing. Materials include archival cotton paper, aluminum, waxed linen, monofilament, paint, pigment, graphite, mica, and varnish, from the Ripples & Codes series, 380mm (15in) high x 200mm (8in) wide x 200mm (8in) dia. (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF JENNIFER FALCK LINSSEN)

7. JoAnne Russo - 'Tripod' black ash splint, beads, waxed linen thread and paper cord (PHOTOGRAPH BY RACHEL PORTESI)

8. Laura Peery - 'If you Become A Mountain Climber', porcelain, polymer and metal, 280 x 140mm (11 x 5 1/2in) dia. (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF LAURA PEERY)

9. Mary Merkel-Hess - 'Martelle' (Deep orange), paper, paper cord, 2005, 610 x 915 x 330mm (24 x 36 x 13in) (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF MARY MARKEL-HESS)

10. Michael F. Rohde - 'Recollection' 2009, tapestry: wool, silk, natural dyes, 1778 x 1195mm (70 x 47in) (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF MICHAEL F. ROHDE)

11. Nairi Safaryan - a simple yet intricate carving of a single rose graces the top of this oblong jewellery box, which is hand carved from a single piece of boxwood. Nairi Safaryan has handcarved this from a single piece of boxwood. The piece is not stained and there is no coating on it, 250mm (9 3/4in) x 100mm (4in) x 120mm (4 3/4in) (PHOTOGRAPH BY HAYK)

12. Peter Schlech - 'Unisbel Series' piece of rosewood veneer and ziricote (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF PETER SCHLECH)

13. Sylvie Rosenthal - 'Warren', 2010, 510mm (20in) high x 1270mm (50in) wide x 610mm (24in) dia. Basswood, poplar, paint and mixed media (PHOTOGRAPH BY STEVE MANN)

14. Tania Radda - 'Who Came First?' basswood, compressed walnut, and Prismacolor pencils, 200mm (8in) high x 200mm (8in) wide x 405mm (16in) dia. (PHOTOGRAPHS BY KEN MANICKI)

15. Thomas Hubert - 'Scallop Handle Teapot', wheel thrown whiteware ceramic with multiple firings of layers of underglaze, 405 x 405 x 255mm (16 x 16 x 10in) (PHOTOGRAPH COURTESY OF THOMAS HUBERT)