AAW Symposium - 2012

Tuesday 17 January 2012


This year's AAW symposium takes place at the McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California. The event promises a world class line-up of demonstrators and events, details of which can be found below.

The spouse craft room with its separate list of demonstrations expands each year, as do the tours for family members.

While you are visiting the event, you are urged to take in the Community Forest of San Jose, which is estimated to contain more than one million trees on private and public property. A wide variety of tree species provides great beauty, shade, and environmental benefits to Santa Clara Valley. There is also a wide range of other sights for you to see.

In addition to the largest Instant Gallery of turned objects under one roof, the symposium will feature three exhibits, "A Walk in the Woods," and the Professional Outreach Program's "Beyond Containment" and 'Richard Raffan's Merit Award" exhibits. The Collectors of Wood Art (CWA) will sponsor a panel discussion and a session at the Special Interest Night on Friday. AAW's Return to the Community fundraiser will be "Empty Bowls,"Which sees woodturners making, donating, and purchasing bowls, all for a good cause.

Registration information can be found on the AAW website; details of which can be found below.

Demonstrator line-up:

1. Eli Avisera – Israel (Topics to be covered: inlay for turning projects, turn a bowl, decoration technique for off-centre turnings and spindles)

2. Jerry Bennett - Texas (Topics to be covered: Why not scribbie in wood? Open-aligned vessels and open-aligned vessels on steroids)

3. Jean-Francois Escoulen - France (Topics to be covered: Creative Use of an Eccentric Chuck, Make a String Steady Rest, Multiaxis Turning, Special Equipment Not Needed)


4. Ron Gerton - Washington (Topics to be covered: Turn with a strobe light, spin the wood slow, speed up the cutter: routers & lathes)


5. J. Paul Fennell - Arizona (Topics to be covered: Personal innovations I: homemade tools & jigs, Personal innovations II: hollow form techniques, personal innovations III: decorative techniques & design)


6. Mike Jackofsky - California (Topics to be covered: hand-held hollowing tools, getting started: hollowing for beginners, creating hollow vessel, natural edge hollow forms)

7. Lyle Jamieson - Michigan (Topics to be covered: foundations of bowl turning, foundations of hollow form turning, thin-walled goblet, advanced hollow form techniques)

8. Mike Lee - Hawaii (Topics to be covered: multi-axis sculpting using the lathe, panel discussion – personal style, carving and texturing

9. Bill Luce - Washington (Topics to be covered: strategies in the pursuit of form, the round-bottom bowl, bowl turning tips)

10. William Moore - Oregon (Topics to be covered: getting started in metal turning, designing with spun metal and turned wood)

11. Stuart Mortimer - UK (Topics to be covered: introduction to the basic spiral, 2 versions of twisting hollow forms, standard hollow forms and finials, thin-cut vase with rim twist and bun twist)


12. Richard Raffan -Australia (Topics to be covered: end grain box, cross grain box, bowls)

13. Joey Richardson - UK (Topics to be covered: airbrushing and design, piercing and texturing techniques)

14. Curt Theobald - Wyoming (Topics to be covered: segmenting: where do you start, anatomy of a segmented pattern, pushing your work to the next level, thinking outside the box, segmenting stone)


15. Jacques Vesery - Maine (Topics to be covered: Everything You Wanted to Know About Color But Were Afraid to Ask, Form Trumps Pretty Wood: Concepts in Design and Form, Inspiration, Challenge, and Evolution: Works by J. Vesery)

Images, from top to bottom:

1. Mike Lee - 'Family Jewels'

2. Jean Francois Escoulen - 'Contemplation'

3. Ron Gerton - 'Ant Farm'

4. J Paul Fennell - 'Biomorphism'

5. Stuart Mortimer - spiralled hollow form in stained sycamore

6. Curt Theobald - 'The Promise'


When: June 8-10, 2012

Where: McEnery Convention Center, San Jose, California

Contact: AAW (American Association of Woodturners)