Varma V400 2kw Workshop heater

Tuesday 20 December 2011

It’s that time of year when most of us need some added warmth in our workshops. Unfortunately, dust from woodworking causes safety issues with most heaters. But here's a solution in the form of the SunSwitch IP54 high quality infrared heater. This 1.3kW electric heater with safety glass front is impervious to moisture and wood dust. It produces shortwave infrared and will heat an area of around 3 x 4m.

Plug it in for instant warmth or add a SunSwitch CC1 controller to adjust heat output for extra comfort and economy. Leave the heater just glowing and energy consumption will be little more than a light bulb. Yet it will provide background warmth and stabilise humidity.


Price: From £145

Contact: SunSwitch

Tel: 01424 883 344