Robert Sorby Long Grind Jig

Tuesday 6 December 2011

As every woodturner knows effective sharpening is fundamental to accurate turning. The keener the cutting edge, the more exact the angle the more precise the finished article will be.

For turners who favour a longer wing or swept back profile on bowl and spindle gouges Robert Sorby has introduced its long grind jig.

Not only does this offer the fingernail profile, popular across the woodturning fraternity, but it gives a further two options: the long grind and the extra long grind offered by this jig providing the turner with more choice.

The simple and easy to use barrel design imitates and is interchangeable with the tool holder that comes as standard with Robert Sorby's Fingernail Profiler. The long and extra long grinds being easily achieved as the tool is suspended further away from the grinding wheel or belt.

Used in conjunction with Robert Sorby's fingernail profiling arm ensures pressure is kept to a consistent level helping to eliminate the building up of facets caused by uneven pressure when sharpening freehand. The long grind jig is designed to work equally effectively with standard wheel sharpening systems or with Robert Sorby's ProEdge system.


Price: £9.95 (inc VAT)

Contact: Robert Sorby

Tel: 0114 225 0700