Premium French Polishing Kit

Friday 9 December 2011

This Premium Kit contains a selection of Shellac French Polishes ranging from lighter White Polish, Special Pale Polish and Button Polishes, to the darker deep brown Garnet Polish and jet Black Polish. To make a French Polishing Rubber, Pure Cotton Rags and Cotton Waste are included, along with a professional No.6 Zorino Mop for brushing French Polish. Also included are Raw Linseed Oil, 0000 Wire Wool, Grain Filler, Tack Cloths, Spirit Wood Dye, Methylated Spirits and 3M Silicon Carbide Abrasive sheets.

This Kit also contains A Simple Guide to French Polishing, designed to help beginners to French Polishing understand the technique and develop the necessary skills to achieve beautifully rich and stunning results.

The Premium French Polishing Kit will make an excellent Christmas gift for any furniture enthusiast.


Price: £86 plus free next working day delivery

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