Maffell KSS 300 Portable Saw

Friday 23 December 2011

Mafell AG – the German maker of precision power tools for woodworkers – claim that their model KSS 300 portable saw is the most precision universal portable sawing system in the world, and that it offers more precision cutting modes than any other comparable saw. Now, Mafell Sales and Marketing Director, Mr Ralf Kohler is prepared to endeavour to prove his claim with a special offer for UK woodworkers.

In a recent end of year assessment meeting with NMA's CEO Nathan McEwen, Mr Kohler stressed that the only way any woodworker can begin to appreciate the unique qualities of this precision sawing system is for them to use one for up to 30 days. Mr McEwen's immediate response was to challenge Mafell to put their money where their mouth was. Mr Kohler immediately accepted the challenge to prove Mafell claim of superiority: something which remains a well kept secret for many UK woodworkers, and decide for themselves if the KSS 300 is really everything Mafell claims it to be.

You can get your hands on this product by seeing details below.


Price: £539 (inc VAT)

Contact: NMA Tools

Tel: 01484 400 488