The Torch Lamp

Friday 25 November 2011

The Torch Lamp, an innovative portable desk lamp that converts into a powerful flashlight was introduced in the United States by the value-priced Naturalight division of The Daylight Company, the world's leading maker of high quality special lightning products. The LED Lamp & Flashlight is designated for recreation, hobbies, travel or workshop and is ideal for use in any emergency or power failure.

Brilliant light is provided by 28 LEDs when the Torch is in its desk lamp mode, and it becomes one of the strongest flashlights available when in flashlight mode with 6 LEDs. Both desk lamp and flashlight modes provide clear, full spectrum light that allows colour and detail to be seen in optimal comfort. The matt black Torch is powered by three AA batteries.


Price: $59.99 (£38.79) (All products from USA to UK are subject to shipping & taxes)

Contact: The Daylight Company

Tel: (001) 866 329 5444