The Sauno Wood Kiln

Monday 28 November 2011

Available from Classic Hand Tools, this wood kiln is available as two different models: the VT3 and the VT5. This wood kiln works on steam treatment of wood, followed by a controlled drying process, and is used widely by furniture producers in Scandinavia. This method creates superb quality wood that is extremely stable and free from flaws. The Sauno method involves a two-stage process.

Firstly, the wood is steamed at 70-75° which opens the pores of the wood. The second stage is the drying process at a temperature of 40- 50° which slowly evaporates the moisture from the centre of the timber. This two-stage process keeps the risk of cracking to a minimum.

The VT3 model is for kilns with a maximum length of 3m and a total inner volume of 3.5 m3. The minimum dimensions are 1 x 1 x 0.6m. This model uses 2,000W of power and needs about 100-150 kWh for each cubic metre of wood.

The larger VT5 model has a power rating of 4,000W and can have a maximum inner volume of 12.5 m3.

You can download a PDF from the Classic Hand Tools website which will give you instructions on how to build your own Sauno Kiln Dryer. Further details can also be found on the website.


Prices: Sauno VT3 - including 40 screws and 2 vents - £549.60; Sauno VT5 - including 40 screws and 2 vents - £983.80 (prices inc VAT)

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