New Trend Trade Router Cutters

Thursday 10 November 2011

Trend has launched six new Trade router cutters and a new kitchen fitters pack to its range of Trade cutters. These new cutters include three new two flute worktop cutters that have Tungsten Carbide centre tips, which are especially suited for drilling.

There is also a single flute replaceable tip worktop cutter, which is suitable for plunge cutting with worktop jigs. The solid carbide blade can be reversed to give 100% extra cutting life.

Also included in these new additions are two bearing guided cutters. A Roman Ogee shaped cutter available in a 6mm (1/4in) or 12mm (1/2in) shank with a 25.4mm (1in) diameter and also an Intumescent Recess cutter with a 20mm (3/4in) cutting depth to complement the current 10mm (3/8in) and 15mm (9/16in) options already available.

A three piece kitchen fitters pack has now also been introduced. This new set contains two 12.7mm diameter worktop cutters with a 50mm (2in) cut length and Tungsten Carbide centre tip and also a biscuit cutter which is used to reinforce the worktop joint.


Prices: £25.20-£82.80 (inc VAT)

Contact: Trend

Tel: 01923 249 911