New Trend CraftPro Worktops

Monday 14 November 2011

Trend has launched two new kitchen worktop jigs in addition to their CraftPro range of products. A kitchen worktop jig enables all 12mm (1/2in) shank plunging routers to cut precise butt and scribe joints in kitchen worktops.

Both jigs are manufactured from 12mm (1/2in) thick phenolic plastic and are supplied with three 20mm (3/4in) diameter alloy bushes for positioning the jig. They both include bolt recess slots to enable the joint to be pulled together tightly and will cut both left and right hand joints. Each jig has engraved bush holes for easy identification and ease of use.

The CR/KWJ900 is made for 400mm to 900mm wide worktops and has fixed stop positions up to 900mm and is priced at £154.80.

The CR/KWJ650 is made for 400mm to 650mm wide worktops and has fixed stop positions up to 650mm and is priced at £106.80.

For a limited period each jig will be supplied with a two flute 12mm (1/2in) shank Tungsten Carbide Tipped worktop cutter.


Prices: CR/KWJ900 - £154.80; CR/KWJ650 - £106.80 (inc VAT)

Contact: Trend

Tel: 01923 249 911