Fully portable Gas-Tec glue gun from Power Adhesives

Friday 25 November 2011


Power adhesive has launched its latest Gas-Tec 600 portable glue gun, which is powered by low-cost liquid energy cells. This glue gun doesn’t require mains electricity or batteries and is easy to start up, taking just five minutes to reach its operating temperature. It has also been designed to use standard 12mm (1/2in) diameter tecbond glue sticks.

The soft-feel and full-hand trigger make it very comfortable to use. The glue gun is powered from standard cigarette lighter gas canisters, which are widely available and the refill time is remarkably just 15 seconds. It has a running time of around 11/2 hours before refill, during which time it can dispense over 2kgs of adhesive. The special thermostatic controller ensures optimum temperature, which achieves best glue delivery.


Price: £66

Contact: Power Adhesives

Tel: 01268 885 800