Fire Writer Pyrography Machine

Wednesday 30 November 2011

New and available from Woodworks Craft Supplies is this Fire Writer pyrography machine. It is packed with enough power and circuitry to outperform anything else in its class and is supplied with an interchangeable-tip pen which can accept the full range of tips carried by Woodworks Craft Supplies.

It features a massive 10 amp power output to provide one of the fastest tip-heat recovery in the industry as well as an ideal wide-range temperature control from cool at "1" (for foiling etc.) through to "red-hot" at 10.

The fully removable pen is fitted with an extra-long, heavy-duty cord and the unit features clip in pen holders on each side of the machine. It is designed to stay cool, and the pen body features an ergonomic design.

The unique pen barrel encompasses the latest in heat displacement to ensure it stays cool even when being used for long periods, so it never becomes uncomfortable.


Price: £120 (the first 50 units sold will come with a £25 Woodworks Craft Supplies voucher)

Contact: Woodworks Craft Supplies

Tel: 01633 400 847