SpinCrafters Metal Spinning Starter Package

Friday 7 October 2011


New from Pen State Industries is this all-inclusive set which includes everything you need to get started with metal spinning. It includes the tools, toolrest, accessories and 30 aluminium spinning discs to make 10 mini planter projects, 10 bowl projects and 10 utility tray projects. You’ll need a lathe with a 255mm (10in) swing or larger, 1/2HP motor, 5/8in toolrest holder, 1in x 8tpi headstock and live tailstock centre.

The set includes:

1. 3-piece Spincrafters Tool Set that includes a Combo Tool, Beading Tool and a Trimming Tool

2. Metal Spinning Multi-Position Toolrest (5/8in shank)

3. 10 each 140mm (51/2in) aluminium discs for each project (30 total)

4. Mandrel and follow block for each Project

5. Spinning lubricant with dolly applicator and abrasive finishing pad

6. Other hardware: spindle washer, and deburring tool

7. FREE Comprehensive 25 minute instructional DVD produced by the Metal Spinning Workshop. This DVD explains how to use all the tools and accessories included in the set and detailed instructions on metal spinning techniques plus the making of the 3 included projects


Price: $299 (£192.57)

Contact: Penn State Industries

Tel: (001) 800 377 7297