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Furniture & Cabinetmaking

Issue 262 has lot of exciting features and articles. In our ‘Project & Techniques’ pages, Laurent Peacock outlines the techniques behind his Guild Mark-awarded Sika console table; Charles Mak demonstrates a half-lap mitre joint to produce a picture frame; Ramon Valdez shares his tips for a perfect veneer seam; and Mark Harrell spotlights three essential backsaws. The ‘Design and Inspiration’ section features highlights from the annual Celebration of Craftsmanship and Design show; a look at Germany’s Vitra Design Museum; Derek Jones’ reflections on his favourite pieces from past issues; while ‘Shop Talk’ talks to Gary Rogowski about The Northwest Woodworking Studio. We also have the usual round-up of the best kits and tools; the latest news and events; and highlights from social media. All this and more in Issue 262 of Furniture and Cabinetmaking.

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