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Friday 29 August 2008

Colin Eden-Eadon inspects these 18-volt cordless tools from Milwaukee

As you most probably know by now, the premier brand, Milwaukee, is making a much larger presence in the UK these days. Recently I tested their really big gun series - the V28 system. Now they have launched a more regular 18-volt cordless range, to match those of other manufacturers. Based on the same principles as the V28, this is again, a pretty heavy-duty kit, and it is a one-battery-fits-all system.

Currently available are a drill driver, percussion drill, impact driver, reciprocating saw, circular saw, rotary hammer drill, and a work light.

The two power tools I looked at are the drill driver and the percussion drill, which has a standard hammer action.

At first glance, they are all very similar to the V28 range and indeed, the two drills are much the same weight. They are quite heavy on the arms for long-term use - or maybe I'm getting old!


The V18 is a single battery Lithium Ion system, with a 1-hour charger, which operates on the same system as the V28. The big difference is that this charger will charge both the new Li-Ion batteries and NiCd, and the V18 batteries themselves will retro fit onto existing Milwaukee 18-volt tools. There is a built-in power gauge, which indicates the level of power left in the battery; the number of LEDs lit indicates the state of the charge - a 10% charge will give a flashing LED. If the battery is attached to the tool and the charge is low, short pulses of power and a ticking noise from the tool, will tell you it needs charging!


The V18DD and V18PD have the same specs in terms of their drilling capacities, both being capable of 38mm (1 1/2in) in wood and 13mm (1/2in) in steel. They certainly look and feel the business.

The casing and plastic is high quality and the weight does have a reassuring quality about it. The chucks are very crisply engineered and are from Rohm in Germany. The drill driver has a slightly smaller chuck, as it does not need the heavier build for hammer work. Both are quick-release, as are most these days, and both have two speeds and reverse, of course.

Power build-up in drilling terms is very smooth and these are very nice to use. Although this is only a quick look, it is easy to see these are going to last. All the gearing components are metal so these are not going to fall apart.

The verdict

On the weight issue, I could not really feel any difference between their larger compatriots, the V28s - what you are getting is reduced power but heavy enough to satisfy, with Milwaukee quality for less money. The prices are very competitive with other well-known brands, and the tools themselves have a five-year warranty with the batteries having a two-year warranty.

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"The casing and plastic is high quality and the weight does have a reassuring quality about it"

The Numbers

Milwaukee 18V Drills
Prices (inc. VAT, correct at time of publication):
V18DD: £239.74
V18PD: £217.24
Drill capacity in steel: 13mm
Drill capacity in wood: 38mm
Wood screws without pre-drilling: 12mm
All prices include two batteries, charger and case

The drill driver and hammer drill both had an excellent feel to them and were similar in weight

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Tel.: 01628 894449