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Thursday 22 April 2010

Derek Jones revises his feelings towards cordless circular saws after using this Ryobi tool



I have owned a cordless circular saw for a while but for the life of me cannot imagine why I thought it was a good idea. As good as li-ion battery power is it still does not allow prolonged use of a circular saw which surely must be the prerequisite of any cordless tool.

Fortunately, however, battery charging times are considerably less than they used to be so things are looking up and I managed to get quite a lot done with the One Plus.

An 8 x 4 sheet of 12mm ply was quickly reduced to several component parts before charging across a 40mm-thick oak worktop. Not bad going, but I did have to drop the temp Plus circular saw is one of a list of about 15 tools from Ryobi that have been developed to use the same 18V li-ion battery system. The thinking behind this is surely that we would only want to use one tool at a time. In many cases this is true but perhaps not for the professional user who would require plenty of back-up batteries.

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F&c Verdict

As a lightweight handy device for reducing sheet material this machine is more than adequate. A complete One Plus system would make perfect sense for the small workshop especially with the 6-way multi charger.
Nicely priced
Solid, comfortable grips
Left- and right-handed trigger safety release
Quick-recognition depth gauge
Good-size soleplate
Good for sheet material
Voracious appetite for batteries when used on solid timber

The Numbers

Model: LCS180
Power: 18V li-ion or 18V NiCd
Comes with: 150 x 1.5mm 18-point blade
Price: £69.99 inc VAT (average price)
From: Ryobi Power
Tel: 01628 894 400