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Tuesday 23 March 2010

Derek Jones tries out a new compact cordless circular saw from Makita


Makita does not make the most exiting tools in the world and I kind of like that. It suggests to me that the resources needed to produce a really good product have been used wisely on things that matter. And in the case of cordless circular saws quite a lot matters if it is to take the place of a lightweight corded one. At last the new generation of Li-ion batteries has made this a realistic option.

At a little over 3kg the BSS611 does not feel lightweight but it does feel compact - a little too compact for my liking at first with the front grip being a bit small and rather close to the rear grip, but I soon got used to it and the arrangement allowed good visibility of the scale on the front of the baseplate for quick freehand cuts to a pencil line.

I really like the machined face of the cast-aluminium baseplate. This suggests machine rather than standard power tool build quality and it is something that Makita has got absolutely right on more than one occasion.

In use

In action I have no complaints. Cross-cutting and ripping at 50mm was effortless but as this was at the limits of the capability of the tool it would be wise to have a second battery on standby for use over a prolonged period of time. Charging is only 22 minutes for a completely spent battery pack so chances of the BSS611 lying idle are slim.

The BSS611 is easily adjustable for both depth of cut and bevel, with one simple lever for each of these features. I do feel that Makita was a little mean with the fence. To gain any real stability it would need slight modification, but you are a pro so you could manage that, I suspect, otherwise you would not be buying a Makita.

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F&c Verdict

This would make a very good site tool.
Very nicely put together
Quick reference depth of cut scale on blade guard
Vacuum extractor included
Small front grip
Fence requires modifying

The Numbers

Model: Makita BSS 611
Blade size: 165 x 20 x 1.5
Max cutting depth: 57mm at 90 dia, 40mm at 45 dia, 36mm at 50 dia
Speed: 3700rpm
Weight: 3.1kg
Average price: £340 inc VAT
From: Makita
Tel: 01908 211678