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Wednesday 1 August 2012

Small but perfectly formed the new GKS 65 G circular saw from Bosch packs quite a punch


I'm no stranger to Bosch circular saws as I've owned one for a number of years and never felt the need to look elsewhere. It's been put through its paces by numerous operators and still going strong after 20 years. Even though I have a perfectly good tablesaw I still prefer to lay out planks on the floor and reduce them to component size pieces for further machining, and this is where my circular saw comes in to play.

For accuracy and quality of cut they're not, in my opinion, a furniture maker's tool beyond roughing out, or are they?

Strong stuff

The GKS 65 G has all the regular features that you might expect to find on a new circular saw; simple rise and fall mechanism, bevel capability, safety trigger and dust extraction port. It also has a rather clever cable swivel outlet designed to protect this very obvious weak spot on every corded machine. So what's there to rave about? Build quality, that's what.

The cast aluminium baseplate and body are generous and well finished. The grips are substantial and the 1,600W motor is a bit of a brute but runs a lot quieter and smoother than my old machine. At 5.1kg there's a lot of motor to cart around if you only need to be ripping up sheet material, so unless you need a cut depth of 65mm, you might find it a tad unwieldy.

Straight and narrow

Guide tracks seem to be the norm now for circular saws so it makes sense that Bosch have introduced this feature. The GKS 65 G will also run off the Festool track so if you’re running a TS 55 - 50mm depth of cut off the track - for example, and need the extra depth, then for a lot less than half the price of your TS 55 you could pick up a GKS 65 G, which also concedes 5mm when track-mounted. In fact, the GKS 85 would make more sense because you could then tackle some fairly thick boards.

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F&c Verdict

It is chunky, robust and a powerful machine for its frame. The knobs and levers are plastic - slightly disappointing but they work perfectly well. A couple of grub screws in the baseplate enable you to set up accurately for 90 degree cuts, so all in all, a fine machine.
It is quite possible to operate the GKS 65 G as a plunge saw and off a guide track it produces a very clean edge, but you have
to lift the blade guard until the cut is established and that is my only complaint.

Pros & Cons

Great build quality
Accepts alternative guide tracks
Not the best machine for
plunge cuts

The Numbers

Motor: 1,600W
Blade dia.: 190mm
Blade thickness: 1.7mm/2.6mm kerf
Depth of cut: 65mm/90 degrees 48mm/45 degrees
Price: £214.80