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Wednesday 12 September 2012

Do not let a tight budget and cramped conditions limit your expectations. A good basic machine will do more than just the basics


The Bosch GTS 10 J is quite a chunky yet compact unit designed to give a much-needed means of accurate board and panel ripping on site, but with a reasonable crosscut ability, that's not all it's good for.

I made my first kitchen with solid panel and frame doors in maple (Acer campestre) on a machine not dissimilar to this. After roughing out the sheet material with a jigsaw, the components were dimensioned and the lippings cut prior to veneering. Before I knew any better, I was using it to produce tenons and cut rebates, although these methods are nowadays rightly relegated to the past. I mention this to illustrate what can be achieved on a basic machine when either budget or space is limited.

Extended table

A panelsaw it most definitely is not, but an extending right-hand table means you can rip material up to 460mm wide off the fence. This runs full length and locks firmly in to place. For narrow sections, a separate low level extrusion needs to be attached using three bolts and thumb nuts. Remove the fence and install a purpose made sled to run in the mitre slot and you can easily rip to standard carcass depth dimensions with a little extra support.

Fit for site

If considering it for site work it's worth noting that only a limited amount of assembly is required before you are up and running. You will need a 'Y'-branch on your extraction hose to draw all the dust generated. Trying to fit the machine onto the stand does need a little care and two people to avoid losing it through the hole in the middle. Once in place, the unit is very rigid and although not on wheels there are convenient carrying handles fore and aft to make moving it that little bit easier.

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F&c Verdict

As far as features go they are quick to list: rise, fall and tilt.
I particularly like the paddle off switch arrangement; it is very immediate and works well. Considering the skeletal design, vibration is minimal and noise levels quite acceptable.
At 1,800W the motor does slow down a little before ripping to its full capacity but upgrade to a couple of quality blades and you might overcome this. If successful you have got yourself a very useful compact machine.

Pros & Cons

Good solid table
Reliable fence
Crosscut facility
Rip capacity limited to 460mm

The Numbers

Table size: 642 x 572mm
Motor input: 1,800W
Saw blade: 254mm/30mm bore
Incline setting: 47 degrees left / 2 degrees right
Max cut height: 79mm
Max. ripping capacity from fence: 460mm
Weight: 26kg
Price: £598.80