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Wednesday 22 February 2012

Matt Long sees if Metabo works through thick and thin


When setting up a workshop, a planer thicknesser is one of the standard bits of equipment but space will not always allow this luxury so, have you ever considered using just a thicknesser? Metabo have sent us their DH 330, so here are my findings so far: The basic configuration for most of these types of machine is broadly similar. The cutter block and motor are all housed in a moveable section, which rises and falls inside the machine's outer casing, through a winding mechanism. Simple and effective. In addition the Metabo has some interesting refinements, as well.

The cutter block and motor can be locked in position with a large red lever, to ensure no movement during planing. Also, you can preset the thickness you want to cut to with a selection lever on the side.

There's also a very handy indicator which tells you the thickness of cut you are making. The machine has other nice touches as well. Under the outfeed table is a storage bag for all the bits associated with the machine.

There is also a dust collector which can be fitted to an extractor. To fit it you need two screw-in knobs which hold the extraction cowel in place, after two lugs are pushed under screws with washers in the main body. It's simple to fit, and during the cut seems to collect all of the shavings from the out-feed side - though it has to be said that a few shavings do come back out the in-feed side. F&C

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F&c Verdict

In short, a very nice machine, with lots of great touches. My first few days working with this have been a joy. The finish is very good off the blades, with very few undulations in the timber caused by the cutters and in-feed speed. The little touches like depth of cut indicator, and settings for pre-selected depth, are really handy.

Pros & Cons

Excellent cut
Good price
Handy add ons

The Numbers

Motor: 1800W
Total length of table: 840mm
Planing width: 330mm
Max. passage height:158mm
Max. stock removal: 3mm
Idle speed (U/min): 10,000
Number of blades: 2
Feed rate (m/min): 7.5
Voltage: 240V
Weight: 35kg
Price: £349.99 inc. VAT