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Wednesday 1 September 2010

John Hartnett has fallen in love with a little looker which responds to the gentlest touch


This really is an exquisite little plane in respect of design and engineering.

Things can easily get lost in translation when scaling down but not with this little gem. The technicians at Veritas must have worked their socks off to get it so right.

Available as either metric or imperial sets or individually, the body is of ductile cast iron with a combined tongue and lever cap of fine-quality brass. The marriage of these two components alone creates a true object of desire. Having at first been seduced by its looks I was pleased to discover that it was every bit as useful as I had hoped.

Its main use is getting into tight spaces, chamfering and general cleaning up of grooves. I found it perfect for tidying up small repairs to moulded sections that are still attached to a piece of furniture as it can be used with either a push or pull stroke.

Blade adjustment requires a delicate touch. Release the pressure of the tongue onto the blade slightly and insert a small screwdriver behind the iron to advance the blade. Over-shoot and you have to start again but please do not let that put you off.

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F&c Verdict

The excellent overall design is enhanced by the quality and finish. It is, in my opinion, a super little plane and would make a very good addition to any workshop or any collection of beautiful things for that matter.
Comfortable and precise registration
Overall shape allows secure grip
Available in three sizes

The Numbers

Model: Veritas detail rabbet plane 05P7506, 5/16in,8mm
Dimensions: 6, 8 and 10mm widths
Bed angle: 15 degrees
Bevel angle: 30 degrees
Blade material: O1 tool steel, full width lapped
Price: $65 Canadian dollars (inc VAT) each or 169 Canadian dollars for a set of three
From: Veritas