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Tuesday 25 November 2014

Czeck Edge is another US brand that we brought to your attention back in F&C 202 with the Kerf Kadet II. This latest addition to their small but outstanding range of quality products is the Super Kadet II carbide marking knife. The introduction of a carbide blade raises the bar somewhat for a knife with such a thin blade, the benefits being longer edge retention and less flex in use. If you're not careful, marking knives can become an obsession before you know it, like pens in a jam jar. I admit to being mildly affected but my first Czeck Edge

is still a firm favourite for fine tasks like small dovetail work and hardware installation. Sometimes the flex in that first tool works to your advantage but the more rigid feel of the Super Kadet blade is already starting to carve its own niche. I think you'll find it's a completely different experience and one you'll enjoy.


Price: £40.75

Contact: Czeck Edge Hand Tools




Briony Darnley

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