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Thursday 26 February 2009

Rob Stoakley finds a tool with cornering ability


This innovative new tool from Veritas will produce beads, flutes and reeds but with one crucial difference: it will go round corners! This is achieved thanks to an ingenious, multi-faceted fence which locates into the sole in two positions - for alternative applications - via a couple of square recesses.

The tool is made from precision-machined investment-cast steel, with handles, one of which pivots, in bubinga. It is supplied with a single-point, hardened spring-steel cutter together with five blanks, other profiles being available to order. The fence and clamping bar are reversible for left- or right-handed users, a very useful feature.

In use

Never having used one of these tools before, very careful reading of the manual is recommended prior to use, not only to configure the orientation, but to find out how to mount the cutter and position the fence correctly, remembering that the tool will only work on the pull stroke - something which is not mentioned in the instructions.

Good control can be achieved by placing thumbs on the clamp bar at the same time as pinching the body with the fingers. I felt the large elongated handle was not really necessary; a smaller round knob would have worked equally well.

I decided to use some American white oak for the test - not the easiest of timbers - and after a short while I managed to cut a straight bead and flute quite successfully.

The verdict

A versatile addition to the arsenal, but care and practice are needed.

David Preece

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"A versatile addition to the arsenal, but care and practice are needed"

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