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Thursday 19 August 2010

Marc Fish liked this press so much that he ordered one for the workshop


Many jigs and tools promise great things only to deliver nothing more than a bitter taste and a lighter wallet, but the Scheppach Plano glue press does not come into this group and I cannot believe we have put up without one this long. We have ordered one for our new workshop.

It mounts against a wall and saves valuable bench space. With one kit you can glue up to 1000mm in length. For longer lengths just add more presses and wall rails as required.

How it works

The basic principal is a 4-way clamp which ensures a totally flat board with little clean up on join lines.

In the past we would glue up large panels with vast amounts of sash clamps only to realise that we could not lift the assembly off the bench. When it was dry we would then expect to either re-thickness it or send it to be speed sanded.

This clamp does away with that need, saving time and extra cost.

In use

Instructions are clear and assembly time was less than an hour. With practice it is easy to adjust and load but two pairs of hands are better on larger glue ups.

All the aluminium extrusions and mechanisms are substantial.

Tegan Foley

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F&c Verdict

This piece of equipment requires you to take the job to the clamp and not the clamp to the job. Numbering of the slots on the extrusions would make the system quicker to set up and even more user friendly.
Undoubtedly it is a space-saving device and for around £200 will do more than the equivalent investment in good-quality sash clamps.
With practice quick to use
Infinitely extendable
There is not a great deal of pressure across the face of the boards being clamped so any discrepancies will not be corrected.
A finer thread on the tightening mechanism woould give greater control over the pressure being applied

The Numbers

Max height: 1050mm
Max length: 1200mm
Max thickness: 120mm
Price: £257.33 inc VAT
From: D&M Tools